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    Sleepy Seals



    Snivy & Mareep


    Pokémon — the gateway to doodling on math homework.

    ALSO!! Today marks a year of me drawing everyday! If you've ever wanted to give it a whirl, let me tell ya, a lot can happen in a year!

    Restoring 4 Hearts


    We haven't found the recipe for Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches in Tears of the Kingdom yet!

    Moblin Mask

    The way it flops! 😂

    I just think this Moblin hat in Tears of the Kingdom is swell.

    Diglett! 🪨

    Jenn suggested I do some color studies from the master, Ken Sugimori. Here's a lil Diglett study from the original Pokémon art!

    Lil guy is just poking right out of my desk, wondering how he got here