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Finishing a Sketchbook

I reached a funny spot creatively in September. I was making lots of things, but they were all purely digital. Each day also finished with "well, I'm in the process of making something. Not much to show today, though!" There's something that felt a little incomplete about having large creative projects, but no small ones.

A couple of funny intersections happened. I listened to Austin Kleon talk about the benefits of journaling and I picked up reading a few of my favorite art blogs again.

So to fill the gap, I got inspired to sketch everyday in these guys:

Sketchbook Page

And it's been excellent!

Three months later and I filled the last page of the moleskin!

It's a wildly satisfying feeling — one that's not quite recreated on the internet with paginated content and infinite scroll. A website is never full. But a completed sketchbook is a physical, in-your-hands unit. A way of marking time and space while also messing around!

I love making things digitally. But Just like music, keeping a tactile craft going is all the more warm and satisfying. Playing piano and guitar help balance music production. Writing by hand balances blogging. Sketching in a journal is part of that balance, too!

It's best kept largely private to keep it free, but I'll indulge a little! Here are a few of my favorite pages:

Sketchbook Page

Sketchbook Page

Sketchbook Page