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    Diglett! πŸͺ¨

    Jenn suggested I do some color studies from the master, Ken Sugimori. Here's a lil Diglett study from the original PokΓ©mon art!

    Lil guy is just poking right out of my desk, wondering how he got here

    These ROCK

    Going after sketching more from life with these big hunky rocks.



    Inspired by Miranda playing Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. She's been on a mission to hunt down any moose she sees!

    I see your *point*

    A Good Pup

    Saw a dog doing a good sit just like this on a bike ride


    COLOR!! πŸ–

    My sister very kindly loaned me her Copics to play with!


    After months in greyscale, it's fun to have shades and hues to work with!


    Perfect opportunity to do this Satsuki study from My Neighbor Totoro! Borrowed from this beautiful Miyazaki art book.