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The Haps - April 2023

The sun is coming back out and I am loving it! ☀️

Blogging & Dev

Fun month of blogging! I'm wrapping it up on researching JavaScript testing and am switching over to SQL.

Tailwind redesign is still kicking at work! We got docker up and running, too! 🐳

Meetups are great! I had a blast again at React Dallas! If you're in the area, come on out! It's such a great group of folks. ⚛

You can catch up with my tech projects through the Tech tag on my blog.


I released Whiteout this month! Snuck it in right as it started warming up outside.

Whiteout Cover

On a trip up to UNT, I got to wander around my old stomping grounds at the College of Music. It was so rejuvenating to be up there. I lovingly wax nostalgic on the place as "my own Disney World for Music."

I did a few piano recordings while I was there, too! The Bach Prelude in C is my favorite, such a dreamy piece...

You can see what I've shared so far through the Music tag on my blog. I'm also sharing recordings on Instagram.



I finished my second AND third sketch books this month! 📒 Dried out my first fine liner! 🖊 I'm crossing right through those artistic rights of passage.

I'm just about wrapping up Drawabox with lots of studies on animals. I'm currently on the hunt for resources for studying the human figure next.

You can see what I've made so far through the Art tag on my blog. I'm also sharing drawings on Instagram.

Words and Sounds




  • New Ted Lasso is pretty good! The Apple product placement is strong this season. 📱
  • We're trying out a few others - Shrinking and The Big Door Prize. So far so good!


Really grateful for some sunshine and warmth! The end of winter is always pretty tough, and this one felt extra long here in Dallas.

It's mostly been heads down for Miranda and I. My favorite nights this month have been the couple where we've put on some music and drawn together.

The best vibe was when we drew camels and snails while listening to Arooj Aftab! 🐌 🐫

In M's words: "Egypt is having a moment in the culture right now."