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The Haps - May 2024

(This is my Now Page! Occasional updates on what I'm up to.)

It's summer time and I'm feeling inspired to spin my "now" page back up!


I've been in software for 3 years now! Still enjoying my time at AptAmigo.

So far, I've commited to learning a new programming language every year. This year, I've been having fun getting familiar with Java. The type system paired with VS Code intellisense is lovely.

Now having had a few years of experience working professionally, I've really taken a liking to sharpening my thinking by writing short tech articles. It's a great space to share what I'm working on and find clear ways of explaining it. My favorite part is when someone comes across a problem I've faced already. I can reach back to my own post to help them through the solution!

You can keep up with my tech articles through the tech tag on my blog. You can also find me on LinkedIn.


A sample of what I'm writing — Space Frog 64

I'm bouncing between playing guitar, piano, and writing my own music. To paraphrase W.A. Mathieu, it's fun to have many pots boiling!

After decades of communal music making and monophonic sound on the saxophone, I'm thrilled to be exploring independent and polyphonic instruments.

To make things even more interesting, I'm putting most of my focus on learning jazz on piano and guitar. A friend of mine told me that it's actually the way to go — to learn the vocabulary harmonically as opposed to in a scalar way.

For music writing, it's been fun to keep it loose! I take what ever I'm listening to at the moment, deconstruct it, and turn it into something new. It's a wildly fun outlet!

You can browse my mini albums here. You can keep up with my guitar and piano playing through the music tag on my blog. I'm also sharing recordings on Instagram.



A couple of years ago I dedicated myself to learning how to draw and create digital paintings! I used to make my own comics growing up, but I always assumed my sister had all the talent. After switching from music to code, I realized I could learn anything. So I may as well learn a skill I've only ever dreamed of having! 🙂

I'm spending time balancing the fundamentals with just fooling around. This year has been all about figure drawing, direct painting, and making silly little digital sketches. The best part is that I have an excuse to revisit cartoons, comics, manga, and video games as sources of inspiration!

You can see what I've made so far through the Art tag on my blog. I'm also sharing drawings on Instagram.


Living in Dallas with Miranda and our dog Lucy! We moved from Austin a couple of years ago so Miranda could attend Parker University for their Doctor of Chiropractic program. Only a year left as of this writing, then we'll see where we end up next!

So far it's been my favorite metro area in Texas to live in. Downtown is just a quick drive from where we are. But, in the other direction, artsy Denton is not far either.

All good things!