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Writing is Efficient Creativity

I still think regularly about Walt Stanchfield's equation: "Impression minus expression equals depression."

For me, I've wrestled with what that looks like. All the quirky projects I have going on — art, music, software — generally stem from the idea of taking in what I love and pouring it back out into the world.

Producing something to share daily is tough, though.

Writing music is not fast. At least for me. It takes design, sculpting melodies, mucking with synth settings, sometimes practicing an acoustic instrument to get there, and recording multiple takes. Don't get me wrong, it's fun, but it's not a very immediate mode of expression outside of improvising.

I picked up art partly because I wanted a quicker means at communication. A line can be expressive. Sketches take only a few minutes in a day to get out. But WOOPS! After a few months of rough doodles, I'm hungry to build my craftsmanship and do some serious study. So there are still expressive elements, but the full spectrum is on the other side of some devoted practice. I'm just too much of a beginner here.

Blogging, though!

Writing is simply efficient creativity. Essays in any other form take a lot of time: videos take producing and equipment, podcasts take coordinating and editing, speaking takes an audience.

Writing is a straight shot from imagination to publication. It's also the most flexible medium - you can write technical articles one day, life posts another, highly sensory poetry and non-fiction essays the next day. All of this is augmentable with links, images, sound, and video.

And, writing is a terrific way to turn the process of all other art forms into creative pieces themselves.

Software takes a long time to write, too. But sharing a bit about what I learned along the way helps keep my spirit in motion.

I've been searching for a creative practice that can be shared daily, and maybe writing is it. Writing is a great sustainer while other dishes are still in the oven.

I'm tempted to say maybe this only applies to me, but the truth is we're all virtuosos of our own way of speaking and communicating. Writing is an expressive medium that we all have access to.

So if you have something to say — I know you do! — then come hang!