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Verify Site Links with Cypress

Here I'm continuing to flesh out my Cypress tests. I've had a few blog pages that have been pushed live, but turn up as 404's due to a formatting issue.

Here, I'm writing a script to verify that all the links on my main page, including blog links, all return a 200 status code.

Writing the Test

Here's the code from last time verifying my RSS Feed:

describe('RSS', () => {
  it('Loads the feed', () => {
    cy.request(`${baseUrl}/api/feed`).then((res) => {

I'm going to continue to use res.status to verify a 200 response. It's simpler than loading up the page.

To run this, I'll need to:

  1. Load the landing page
  2. Get all non-mailto links
  3. Verify each of those links
  4. Along the way, exclude any edge cases.

Here it is in action:

import { BASE_URL, BASE_URL_DEV } from '../../lib/constants';

const baseUrl = process.env.NODE_ENV === 'production' ? BASE_URL : BASE_URL_DEV;

const excludedLinks = ['bandcamp', 'linkedin', 'instagram'];

describe('Test Broken Links', () => {
  it('Verify navigation across landing page links', () => {
    cy.get("a:not([href*='mailto:'])").each((linkElm) => {
      const linkPath = linkElm.attr('href');
      const shouldExclude = excludedLinks.reduce((p, c) => {
        if (p || linkPath.includes(c)) {
          return true;
        return false;
      }, false);

      if (linkPath.length > 0 && !shouldExclude) {
        cy.request(linkPath).then((res) => {

A couple of lines worth pointing out:

  • I'm setting the baseURL based on my environment.
  • I have a list of excludedLinks due to some scraping edge cases. (LinkedIn, for example, returns a 999 when a bot visits a page)
  • The real meat: After I extract the href attributes, I run through each and check the status with the expect method.

From this, Cypress will run through each link and return results like so:

So satisfying to see all the green text