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Have a Coke While You Wait?

The other day I was waxing nostalgic for the way websites used the full canvas of web tech to subvert expectations (as one does.)

The website for Tamara Shopsin's LaserWriter II also does a pretty great job at this.

Go take a look before reading ahead!

What, no Pepsi?

A few things that made me smile:

  • Your intake number is random each time.
  • Chose your own adventure style interactivity.
  • You get hassled if you don't buy a coke!

And this one is my favorite: You actually have to wait a few seconds before getting to the juicy book details. The website playfully builds anticipation!

On the internet in 2023, that's a pretty big deal! When everything is immediate and served quickly, it's a really special experience to have to sit and wait, not due to loading, but by design.

And best of all, it's not all just for fun and gags! Everything I mentioned above ties in so well with the book. It's referential and matches tone superbly.

Honestly, the website alone sold me on the book. I then loved the book so much that I wrote an album based on it.