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Hosting Images for chrisdpadilla dot com

My site is turning into a lot of images. I haven't really considered the way they're handled on my site very thoroughly until now.

My current strategy is hosting on an AWS S3 bucket and using the Image component from Next JS. With the component, Next handles the image optimization. So I can upload images as is (usually 2mb big) and Next will dynamically optimize for the resolution requested.

It's worked great on the pages I'm generating on the server. But I recently found out the component doesn't run on statically generated pages. For me that means all my blog posts aren't having their images compressed.

I serve up an RSS feed, and that approach won't quite do there either. The next component would be cumbersome while generating the feed.

Essentially, I need a non-Next solution for taking a moderately high quality image from my host and dynamically serving up a light-weight image.

My Options

  1. I know Wordpress has plugins for this sort of thing. But it's not really reasonable to migrate my site just for this sort of thing.
  2. TinyPNG is one of the plugins, and they have a CDN and API solution. They'll even save your images to S3 after optimizing. A bit too involved for my taste here, though.
  3. I used Sanity for AC: New Murder. They had a nice library for querying images in the exact dimensions you needed, and this could be done dynamically. Getting warmer, but I'm not in need of a full-blown CDN.
  4. Cloudinary has the same on-the-fly image optimizing through URL that Sanity has, and a very generous free tier.

So I'm turning to Cloudinary. And so far, so good! I've created a named transform so that all I have to do is add a t_optimize param to the url to get a resized, compressed image. I can get more granular with it from here, but for my needs, it feels like this gets me most of the way there to optimized images.

And there we go! There's support to do this dynamically with JavaScript, and I have a way of bringing the images in to RSS without worrying about a heavy load time.