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I'm usually highly preoccupied with today and tomorrow — I easily forget yesterday. So, I'm going to counter that by being intentional here about taking a pause, reflecting back on what's been a really exciting year.


I released a video game with my sister! It was a big stretch, it was fun, it was a real challenge at times, and it was ridiculously rewarding! I'm proud of us for making something so expansive. And I'm ready to work on a much smaller and more divergent scale.

I'm continuing the cycle of learning, building, and serving at AptAmigo! Nothing but good there still, I'm very excited to continue contributing!

My Personal Site

This one! I'm happy to have launched my site this year. I've really enjoyed dipping into the codebase with new feature ideas. This site has been a fun sandbox! There's also something to be said about having a home on the internet. Maybe that's a bit too romantic, but I enjoy having a sort of stage for all kinds of creative projects. A paradoxically intimate and wildly public one.


This year I wrote 51 articles on my blog. Most of them technical, a few on creativity, some on books, and a handful just for fun.

If you've had the pleasure of writing or creating on the internet, you know the intrinsic value of it. I'm so happy to find that the reward of a digital garden is in the tending. Articles help solidify knowledge, they give platforms for exploring, and it's a handy way to help others with their problems by sharing what I learn. I know many people say that the benefit of writing on the internet is the connections between ideas that come over time, and I'm excited to start seeing those insights come together!


I wrote about how it was surprisingly hard to get started writing music. Even though I've performed for most of my life, writing music had been a dream for just as long. This year I broke through the atmosphere! I have been writing and making music all year. I've learned guitar, piano, and basic DAW skills. With 12 albums out and a few more on the way already, I'm really excited to continue exploring this new vehicle of expression.


I tried not to read so much this year and failed wonderfully. I dipped into books on coding, creativity, personsal psychology, and fiction. You can see what all I read over on My Reading Year.


Miranda and I moved to Dallas this year! We both love it here so far! We're not entirely sure where we'll be in a few years, but it's safe to say we're happy to still be in Texas and in a place where we have friends both old and new.

I Turned 30

Now halfway through my first year of a new decade, I can distinctly feel the difference between phases of life. IYKYK. If you don't, I wrote a few lessons from my time in my 20s.


These days, I'm wary of specific, long term goals. But I do have horizons I'm stepping towards. And honestly, they look a lot like the paragraphs above! More music, software, connection, and writing.

I'll see you there!